Peggy Johanson is a creative woman, and has been writing lyrics since she was a child.
In 1998 she connected with the band Funker Vogt, discovered her love of the video camera and began to shoot the band on every tour until 2007. The results are DVD releases of "Making Of's", live videos and a 105 minute movie about the band with tour experiences, interviews and guest chat. Peggy also sang on the side project of the band Fusspils 11, released on the album "Elektropolizei - Alarm für Fusspils 11" with the music label SPV.

In 2007 she met Richard Jonckheere of Front 242 for video work and attended the band’s concerts. Peggy filmed Front 242 live in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, and edited the footage.

She got the great chance to meet her idol Alan Wilder (ex-member of Depeche Mode) in 2008 in London and reached an agreement to make a music video for his music project called Recoil.

During this time, Peggy learned to play acoustic guitar.

She has created video clips for differents artists for example The LoveCrave, Noblesse Oblige and Marianne Rosenberg.

It was by pure chance in 2011 that Peggy met artist Tommi Stumpff online. Tommi Stumpff reminded her to play the guitar and gave her some e-guitar lessons for music collaboration. During this period she created the first official music video ever for Tommi Stumpff. The song called "Niemals Mehr".

Since then she continue to play the guitar to get practise, and to add her musical input to different remixes and cover versions. Peggy is also starting to work on own songs, too.